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Q. What is an MPAN / MPRN?

A. This is your Meter Point Administration Number (electricity) or Meter Point Reference Number (gas). It is a unique number, linked to your supply address. MPAN is a 13-digit number and always on your electricity bill. MPRN is a six - ten-digit number and always on your gas bill.

Q. Do you have allegiances with any energy supplier(s)?

A. We are an independent energy consultant and we do not have allegiance with any supplier(s). We work with leading UK energy suppliers, and we are sure to get you the product tailored to your business needs.
Q. I have businesses in Yorkshire and outside Yorkshire, can you also manage my non-Yorkshire sites?

A. Yes, we manage sites across the UK

Q. What is a roll over contract / tariff?

A. Roll over tariff is applied to accounts where termination notice have not been served in line with your suppliers T's & C's. These rates can sometimes double normal contract prices.

Q. What is deemed / default rates?

A. These are rates normally higher than contract rates. You may be on these prices if you terminated your contract and have not changed supplier, agreed new terms or if you recently moved into a premises and not yet agreed new contract with your existing supplier.

Q. How do I find out my contract end date?

A. Your supplier should provide you with this. Alternatively, we can speak to your supplier on your behalf to obtain this. Please note that we would require your signed Letter of Authority (LOA) to enable us do this.

Q. I would like a quote for my business, can you help?

A. Please use the contact form, email or call us on the numbers provided for a free no obligation quote.